So. What do we do?


ParkCity Leasing Sepcialists is sort of a "do it all" kind of company. We offer a wide variety of rentals that we both own and manage. We also offer leasing, tenant managemement, and marketing services for real estate owners. We know this business, because along side providing our clients with top notch leasing services, we too are landlords.

Real Estate Management


We have a portfolio of contractors and staff, looking out for your rentals best interest. We have your back!

Tenant Management


We have some of the best technology in this sector. We ensure that tenants have access to everything regarding their rental. 

ParkCity Leasing Specialists was founded with a passion for property management and development with deep roots in the industry.

 When did we start?


ParkCity Leasing Sepcialists was officially founded in 2018, however the roots that we have in real estate, date back generations. With seasoned professionals from all sectors, leasing, management, and aquisition. We are here to support you, and lead you to success.

Want to learn more?


If you're a property owner looking to advertise, get help with tenant aquisition and management, or a tenant looking to find your next forever-home, send us an email - contact@parkcity.ca